Sunday, April 27, 2008

April 2008 Pictures

Hanging out in my toy box at Mom Mom's house. I don't fit as well as I used to. Like Daddy's pillows? I didn't do it, really, I didn't.
Mommy is always taking pictures of my feet. I think she needs therapy.
Eating dinner at Nana and Pop Pop's house.
Looking rather cool in Mommy's shades.
Daddy let me take the driver's seat while waiting for Mommy. Don't you just want to squeeze my chubby cheeks in this pic.?
Giving kisses to Curious George
Enjoying the outside view.
Wearing Mommy's sandals.
Enjoying myself at the playground.Reading with Daddy.
My pants fell down and I thought it was pretty funny. Cody didn't care much.
Now, I'm wearing Mommy's sneakers.
Enjoying packing from a package Mommy received.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Please Touch Museum (April 2008 - 19 Months Old)

Driving my first bus. "Okay, are all of you ready back there?"
DaDa and me playing with the boats.
Mama and me.
I not only drive a bus, I'm the captain of a boat too.